Additional fee information


Additional fee information

We charge private fees because our model is to provide our patients with quality care delivered by doctors who genuinely care about them. The doctors who practice with Ochre listen carefully to patients, they allow time for proper discussion of any issues and a physical examination if required, and they keep detailed records. If they believe a patient needs more of their time, they do their best to give it to them. As an organisation, we also invest in the best equipment available, as well as detailed clinical protocols to keep everybody safe and an industry-leading program for tracking patient health outcomes.

We charge the same for phone and video consultations as for in-person consultations because they require the same amount of the doctor’s time. We also always aim for patients to get the same level of care and value from all of their appointments, whether they are in-person or in the convenience of their homes via phone or video.


Vaccines funded by the government, eg childhood vaccinations, are provided at no cost. Other vaccinations are available at the practice and will incur a cost, which will be discussed with the nurse or the doctor during your appointment. In some cases, advance arrangements can be made with your doctor to obtain a prescription and bring the item(s) with you for your appointment.

Procedures and other services

Other services such as procedures, tests and vaccinations may incur additional costs. You will be informed of these in advance.

Worker compensation, insurance and occupational health 

We do not bill WorkCover directly unless you have a letter accepting your claim, with a claim number and billing information. If you do not have such a letter, we will bill you as normal and you will need to seek reimbursement from your employer or WorkCover.