When you book online, you can select a specific consultation type (eg a flu vaccine or a cervical screen):

  • Standard consultation (15 minutes): 1 – 2 conditions
  • Long consultation (30 minutes): 3 or more conditions

For patients with 3 or more conditions to discuss, we ask that you book a longer appointment. If a short consult is booked, the doctor will provide support on the most acute condition and will request you return at another time to discuss further issues. For new patients, or patients returning to the practice after more than two years, we also ask that you book a long consult. While longer appointments are billed at a higher rate, the ‘gap’ you pay remains about the same (for more, see Schedule of fees).

In order for our doctors to provide you with the most comprehensive care in the allotted consultation time, we have found it necessary to maintain this booking condition. We are mindful of every patients’ need to be seen at the time of their appointment (emergencies excepted) and the frustration that doctors running late causes to our community. Thank you for your understanding.

Special appointments: Medical examinations for your driver’s license and other purposes require special bookings with the doctor or nurse. Please ensure that you select the appropriate option when booking online (or if booking over the phone, explain the type of medical exam to our receptionist.) Please bring any forms required with all relevant sections completed beforehand. You will also need to bring a form of identification such as your driver’s license and, if you wear them, your glasses.

Procedures: The practice performs minor procedures. Procedure appointments may be deferred to another time based on the doctor’s assessment. Your doctor will advise if this is necessary, and will advise of any fees that may be incurred. 

Urgent medical problems: Urgent matters will always be dealt with promptly. Where appropriate they will take priority over booked appointments.