Ochre Anytime

Our new after-hours telehealth service

Welcome to Ochre Anytime, your dedicated video telehealth service catering to the healthcare needs of residents in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT). With Ochre Anytime, quality care is just a video call away, ensuring that you can access trusted doctors from the comfort of your chosen location.

Opening hours: 6pm to 11pm Monday to Friday (additional availability on weekends)

Appointments with Ochre Anytime connect you with experienced doctors who practice within Ochre medical centres, ensuring a continuation of the high standards of care synonymous with Ochre Health. For existing patients, accessing your health records during a consultation is seamless, allowing for a comprehensive understanding of your medical history.

We offer both standard consultations for single issues, or complex consultations for patients with multiple issues to discuss.

Rebates are also available for eligible individuals. To qualify for rebates, individuals must be existing patients at an Ochre Practice in the ACT and have had a face-to-face appointment at that practice within the last 12 months.

At Ochre Anytime, we prioritize the well-being of our community by bringing healthcare to your fingertips, combining comfort, and convenience with the assurance of quality medical care. Book your telehealth appointment today and experience healthcare designed around your lifestyle.

How it works

1. Choose your doctor: Select from experienced doctors who practice in Ochre medical centres.

2. Book your appointment: Convenient online bookings for video consultations. 

3. Consult and receive care: Engage in a video consultation and receive high-quality medical advice.

Eligible existing Ochre patients

Standard fee Rebate for eligible patients Out of pocket cost
Standard consultation $110.00 $41.40 $68.60
Complex consultation $150.00 $80.10 $69.90
Prescription consultation $110.00 $41.40 $68.60
Medical certificate consultation $110.00 $41.40 $68.60
Specialist referral consultation $110.00 $41.40 $68.60


New Ochre Anytime patients

Standard fee
Standard consultation $110.00
Complex consultation $150.00
Prescription consultation $110.00
Medical certificate consultation $110.00
Specialist referral consultation $110.00


Q: What is Ochre Health Anytime?

A: Ochre Health Anytime is our after-hours telehealth service offering convenient video and telephone consultations with trusted providers who work at Ochre Health centres, extending our healthcare services beyond traditional clinic hours.

Q: What are the operating hours for Ochre Health Anytime?

A: Our telehealth service is available Monday to Friday, from 6pm to 11pm.

Q: How do I book a telehealth appointment?

A: You can book an appointment easily through our online booking system by selecting our book now button or using the Ochre App. Just select a suitable time and confirm your details. You will receive a confirmation with instructions on how to join the telehealth session.

Q: Can I choose my doctor for a telehealth appointment?

A: Yes, you can choose from available doctors when booking your appointment, subject to their availability.

Q: Is there a private fee for my appointment?

A: Yes, all of our appointments are privately billed through HotDocs and Pin Payments. You will be required to enter valid payment details prior to your consultation.

Q: Are telehealth consultations covered by Medicare?

A: Many of our telehealth consultations are eligible for Medicare rebates for existing Ochre Health Patients. At the moment, only patients at existing Ochre Practices in ACT will be able to receive a rebate, if they have been consulted face to face at that practice in the previous 12 months. Please check with us or refer to the Medicare guidelines for more information.

Q: How do I join a telehealth appointment?

A: After booking, you will receive a link via email or SMS. Simply click on this link at your appointment time to join the video call with your doctor.

Q: Can I access telehealth services if I’m not an existing Ochre Health patient?

A: Yes, Ochre Health Anytime is available to both new and existing patients. New patients will need to provide some initial health and contact information upon booking.

Q: How does Ochre Health ensure privacy and confidentiality in telehealth sessions?

A: We use secure, telecommunication technology to ensure your privacy and confidentiality is maintained throughout the consultation.

Q: What if I need a prescription or referral?

A: Your doctor can provide electronic prescriptions and referrals during your telehealth consultation, which can be emailed or sent to you directly. Please note that prescriptions are at the discretion of the provider and we do not prescribe S8 medications through this service.

Q: What technology do I need for a telehealth appointment?

A: You will need a stable internet connection and a device with a camera and microphone, such as a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Q: Why did I receive an automatic payment request for my telehealth consultation?

A: Our practice uses HotDoc’s secure payment system for telehealth consultations, which stores your credit card details to process payment for these services efficiently and securely.

Q: Why does Ochre Health use automatic payments?

A: Like other service industries, this improves turnout and payment rates, allowing your doctor to minimise inconvenience and keep their fees as reasonable as possible. Rest assured, your credit card details are secure, and you will not be charged until after your appointment.

Q: Is it safe to have my credit card details stored?

A: Absolutely. HotDoc partners with Stripe and Pin Payments, both of which are secure and trusted payment platforms. They ensure your payment information is handled with the highest security standards.

Q: What are the fees associated with this payment service?

A: The transaction fee is 1.75% + 30 cents, inclusive of all charges and GST. This fee is for the secure processing of your payment through HotDoc’s system.

Q: How and when will I be charged for the consultation?

A: If you’ve booked a telehealth appointment and provided card details, the payment will be automatically processed at the time of the consultation. The transaction will occur through HotDoc, and you will see the charge on your bank statement accordingly.

Q: Can I opt-out of automatic payments?

A: Currently, for telehealth consultations, we use automatic payments to ensure contactless and efficient processing. We do not have any alternative payment methods for our Ochre Anytime consultations.

Q: What if there is an issue with my payment or I have a dispute?

A: Please contact us immediately if there’s a discrepancy or concern with your payment at [email protected]. We will work with you to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

Q: How will I know the payment has been successful?

A: You will receive a confirmation of payment via email or SMS from HotDoc. Additionally, you can always check your bank statement for the charge.

If you are experiencing issues accessing the Ochre Anytime service, please call 1800 GP TELE or fill in our online support form here.