Fee information


Fee information

Ochre Health supports private billing, with bulk billing available to some groups in line with Medicare guidelines. As a general guide, pensioners (over 65 years of age), health care cardholders and children under the age of 16 may be bulk billed in certain circumstances. Please ask our friendly reception team for more details.


Vaccines funded by the government, eg childhood vaccinations, are provided at no cost. Other vaccinations are available at the practice and will incur a cost, which will be discussed with the nurse or the doctor during your appointment. In some cases, advance arrangements can be made with your doctor to obtain a prescription and bring the item(s) with you for your appointment.

Procedures and other services

Other services such as procedures, tests and vaccinations may incur additional costs. You will be informed of these in advance.

Worker compensation, insurance and occupational health 

We do not bill WorkCover directly unless you have a letter accepting your claim, with a claim number and billing information. If you do not have such a letter, we will bill you as normal and you will need to seek reimbursement from your employer or WorkCover.