Patient care

Our commitment

Our commitment to helping the independent doctors who engage us achieve high quality, patient-centred care is what sets us apart. We only support doctors we would happily send our own children to, and we ensure they have the best possible environment and support for their practice. Our business model doesn’t rely on doctors having a rapid throughput of patients who are bulk-billed. Instead, we focus on supporting doctors in practicing at the “top of their licence” and delivering quality care that makes a genuine difference and improves health outcomes.

Our approach

We deliver on our commitment through:

Providing a broad range of services

We actively support doctors to continue developing their skills and to pursue their special interest areas, which benefit both their careers and their patients. A clinician with a broader range of experience, capabilities and interests will be able to provide better insights and advice, as well as gaining fulfilment and satisfaction from their work.

Encouraging doctors to spend the quality time that’s needed with their patients

Doctors practice completely independently with Ochre, so it is up to them how much time they need to spend with each patient. There is no pressure to work through a patient list quickly, and potentially to overlook a concern or to miss an important symptom.

An experienced Medical Coordinator in each location

Doctors who engage Ochre as their service provider benefit from being able to call on the support of their fellow clinicians, in particular the Medical Coordinator at their practice, for general advice or to review a specific patient, as required.

World class facilities and support

Whichever Ochre practice a doctor chooses to operate their business from, they will find a co-operative practice environment with excellent support across the board, including in key clinical, IT, administrative and recruitment areas. Our integrated technology is genuinely better than you will find anywhere else and it supports optimal patient care and privacy.

Doctor testimonials

Dr Mark Singleton

“The best thing about general practice is that you get to use all the knowledge that you learnt when you were a medical student, be that dermatology, gynaecology, geriatrics, psychiatry etc. Another really big thing is relationships and getting to know people, getting to know whole families of people, and getting to know them over time – that’s a really wonderful thing.”

Dr Mark Singleton
Independent General Practitioner, Ochre Medical Centre Caloundra