Professional development

We are dedicated to your clinical development

We partner with world-class universities and leading research institutions to improve primary care and patient outcomes, and to support you in achieving your career goals as an independent GP.

Pursue your special interests

We encourage all doctors who engage us to expand their scope of practice and pursue opportunities to upskill. Whether they want to learn how to perform a vasectomy, study to work as a VMO in their local emergency department or move into skin cancer medicine, as part of our service offering, we can help by facilitating participation in a wide range of programs. This approach is reflected in the broad scope of practice you will see undertaken by doctors conducting their independent practices from our medical centres.

Carry out research

As part of our service offering we, support clinical research and facilitate the opportunity for doctors who engage us to become involved in research or higher education. We have been associated with the Australian Primary Care Collaborative (APCC) program since its inception, and we have regularly been involved in research featured at global conferences and in leading medical publications.

Quality clinical support

Doctors practice independently in Ochre medical centres, but they are supported by our comprehensive Clinical Governance Framework, with their local Medical Coordinator and our national Director of Medical Services available for review as required. They also benefit from monthly reporting of clinical outcomes and related benchmarks (both internal and external). Our commitment to quality is celebrated in an annual awards program, where we recognise both the best and the most improved practices.

Doctor testimonials

Dennis Pashen

“When I engaged Ochre, they tailored a flexibility into my contract that allowed me to relocate permanently to Tasmania, but also to make frequent return trips to Queensland to keep up my obstetrics skills.”

Dr Dennis Pashen
Independent General Practitioner, Tasmania