Why practice with support from Ochre?

Together we make a difference for patients and communities

Ochre Health supports independent doctors who share a clear purpose and take a proactive approach in creating healthier communities.

We can support you in the delivery of excellent healthcare, by providing you with the freedom to independently practice and the ability to take advantage of the Ochre network of infrastructure, operational support, tools and facilities.

With flexible working options, you choose how and where you work to fit your lifestyle and to stay happy and healthy. Expect more than just quality infrastructure and support when you choose to practice independently with Ochre Health as your service provider. When you choose us as your facilities and services provider, we actively seek your feedback and knowledge in improving the services we provide, and we make sure we deliver.

Our different ideas, abilities and perspectives are central to caring for and understanding our communities, as well as helping to support you in improving patient health outcomes. Our philosophy goes beyond shared values and purpose – we focus on enabling clinical autonomy, providing choice through flexibility, excellent care and quality of life for support team members, the doctors who choose Ochre as their service provider and their patients.

Together, we make a difference.

A passport to endless opportunities

When you choose to practice independently with Ochre Health as your facilities and services provider, you’re gaining the benefit of a network of over 60 medical centres as well as a highly skilled and experience operational support team. You could practice in an iconic location like the beautiful King Island in Bass Strait, where crayfish puncture wounds are common, and an emergency could see you and volunteer ambulance drivers managing a helicopter transfer. You might move from there to one of our urban practices in Hobart, Canberra, Wollongong or on the Sunshine Coast. With locum opportunities also available via Ochre Recruitment, the possibilities truly are endless!

We support excellent GP career pathways

We  support you with the freedom to practise your skills as an independent clinician, backed by quality infrastructure in a friendly, collaborative environment. Unlike some of our peers, we will not restrict your ability to practice freely. We will support you by investing heavily in our Practice Managers and their teams, by providing industry-leading systems and technology, and by giving you a premium service and medical centre facilities to conduct your practice and treat your patients successfully. In short, we will empower you to improve local healthcare while also enjoying a healthy work-life balance.

GP client testimonials

Building healthy communities since 2002

Doctors who choose to practice independently with Ochre Health as their facilities and services provider are fully supported to provide outcome-focused care and improve the overall health of their communities.

The independent doctors we support do not believe in ‘seven-minute medicine’ or quick diagnoses and referrals. They share with Ochre Health a focus on quality and excellence in the delivery of care, as well as on achieving outcomes that allow for they themselves, the Ochre Health support team and their patients to live happier and healthier lives.

Check out The Ochre Way to read more about our shared purpose and vision.

Open and flexible contract arrangements

Open and flexible contract arrangements that provide the independent doctors who engage us with the flexibility to use our services and practice medicine when and how they want to for the best outcomes and work-life balance.

Attractive service fees

Doctors are able to bill their patients as they see fit, choosing between private or bulk-billing as they decide is appropriate. The fees we charge are relatively low for the premium services and facilities we provide to the independent doctors who engage us.

A commitment to education & training

Doctors who engage Ochre are provided with additional support and services to pursue their own professional development. We are also committed to providing centres of excellence for GP Registrars and medical students keen to start their careers with supervision from experienced doctors.

Full clinical autonomy

Practise your way, while benefiting from cutting-edge software systems and operational support.

Exceptional nursing support

As part of our service offering, we provide support delivered by dedicated nurses who work closely with doctors to deliver patient care and chronic disease management plans.

Excellent administration support

Doctors who engage Ochre benefit from a wide range of professional support delivered by our highly skilled and experienced operations, marketing, recruitment and finance teams, allowing them to focus on practicing medicine and to maximise time spent with their patients.

Eligible for GPRIPS

The General Practice Relocation Incentive Program offers reductions in moratorium. It is designed to encourage medical practitioners to practise in regional and remote communities.

Flexible contracts, healthier work-life balance, better patient care

We work closely with you to help you find a placement that suits your career, financial and lifestyle objectives.

Our efficient support services assist you with every step of the application process, allowing you to focus on your patients.

We take care of doctors’ needs as part of our focus on supporting them to deliver the best health outcomes for patients and communities across urban, rural and remote regions of Australia.

We provide doctors with premium support and facilities infrastructure so they can enjoy a rewarding and satisfying general practice career. Together, we are committed to expanding vision and values across Australia.

Doctor testimonials

Dr Mark Bell

“The team aspect of engaging Ochre to support my practice is palpable - seeing colleagues frequently through the day and being able to discuss cases with one another is very different to the way I was working previously.”

Dr Mark Bell
Independent General Practitioner, Ochre Medical Centre Grafton